Have you ever thought about why we lose our fearlessness as we grow older? At the age of 25, I decided to finally buy a pair of rollerblades and [attempt to] learn how to use them. And it really got me thinking…

We become so self conscious as we get older – whether it’s because we’re worried we’ll fail, or that we’ll look stupid, that we’re too old, or whatever other reason, we become so much more resistant to trying new things.

I’ve wanted to buy a pair of skates for years and just never got down to it. I kept putting it off and waiting for “the right time”. But if there’s something I’ve come to learn it’s that it’s never the right time for anything – sometimes you just have to take the plunge and get sh*t done. So I did.

As I wiggled through ‘laps’ around the park, holding onto the barriers to manouvre my pitiful self around – also surrounded by little kids doing ollies on the ramps with their bikes and skateboards – I realised that I care way too much. So what if I fall? I’ll get up and carry on. So what if I look stupid? I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to do – and you have to start somewhere. (Also I don’t need to rollerblade to look stupid lol)

Being older doesn’t change anything. It might take longer or be a bit harder to figure things out, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

The second time I went to the park, I was accompanied by best friend, Maid of Honour, and professional rollerblader* Melissa (*not really but she’s very good at it) who helped me figure out how to do certain things like braking and turning. I gained quite a bit of confidence and felt much more comfortable skating. I also got a bit too confident at one point and fell flat on my bum. (It hurt.) But Mel also told me that considering it was only my second time, I was pretty good at it.

Fun fact: We also discovered that my front wheels light up. #PimpMyRide #TheySeeMeRolling

Look mom, no hands!

Now I don’t go rollerblading every day because I’m very busy and don’t always find or make the time for it, but I’m determined to get better at it in any case. And whatever happens, I’m having some fun and feeling like a child again.

So in summary, keep up your hobbies. Do something care-free once in a while. Do what makes you smile and laugh and feel happy. (Unless doing bad things makes you happy. In which case please seek professional help.)

I hope that you all find something that excites you in life. And I hope you all laugh every day.

Until next time,

Cricket x


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