At the end of each year, I like to take some time to sit and ponder everything that happened that year, and consider all the things I’ve learned and everything I’m grateful for. This year has been very different to any other for all of us, but there was a lot more to it than Covid for me…

I’m trying to focus on gratitude in this post – I originally wrote a different version which turned out to be pretty deep and dark, so I thought I’d rewrite it on a more positive note and will maybe share that other one a bit later on. Right now, it’s all about the happy.

Side note: the cover photo of this post was taken a couple of weeks ago as I intended to publish this earlier. Billie was strategically placed to cover my tummy and I was extremely uncomfortable. 🙂

So, here’s to 2020.

The year I finally left a job that made me miserable, and landed a great job I’d been praying for.
The year I got to perform in another fantastic musical with a brilliant team.
The year I overcame another bad bout of depression.
The year I bought a new car and felt safe on the road again.
The year Chris and I got our dream dog.
The year we worked hard on our home, and got to enjoy it a lot more.
The year I met some wonderful people.
The year I learned to appreciate my loved ones more than before.
The year I worked hard on accepting myself.
The year I worked hard on pushing myself.
The year I worked harder than ever before.
The year my family started having weekly video calls all together from the different countries we live in.
The year where I had to learn to embrace (ish) change and unpredictability.
The year I swam in the sea and actually got a tan. (Some of you know what a big deal that is)
The year I learned a lot about people, and how to not let them affect me. (ish, again)
The year I wore some bright colours and felt good.
The year I started collaborating with brands; hopefully the start of many more.
The year I created some delicious food recipes which became staples in our home.
The year I started truly overcoming trichotillomania.
The year I laughed a lot.

And my favourite one of all…
The year we got pregnant. ❤

There are many other things I’ve been grateful for along the way, and even on the days when it’s hard to find anything I’m thankful for, I remind myself that I have a roof above my head and a bed to sleep on, food to eat, a wonderful and supportive family, and many other things that I tend to take for granted on a daily basis.

All in all, I think this sums it up pretty nicely. It’s a very optimistic overview of 2020, and I’ll admit it took a lot of thinking, because truly I look back and think this year was shite. But as much as it did bad, it also did good.

We are so excited for our family to grow, and knowing that 2021 will be the year we finally get to meet our baby, I find it hard to worry too much about anything else.

It’s been an interesting, rough, and VERY bumpy year, but ending it on a positive note of gratitude is a great reminder of all the beautiful things that are so easy to forget. We suffered losses, heartbreaks, hardships, and stress like no other, but we got through a year from hell and are all definitely much stronger and wiser than we were at the start of it.

So here’s to 2020, for everything it brought. And here’s to 2021, and whatever it may bring.

This post is dedicated to my beautiful Nanna Violet, who passed and went to meet her husband in heaven in June. Thank you Nanna, for always reminding me that there’s always something to be grateful for. 💜

Sending you all a load of love, and wishing you a fantastic year ahead.

Until next time,


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