It’s taken years upon years of delaying, but then again, I put the “pro” in “procrastination”. Anyway – my blog is finally up… Yay! 🤗

Hello friends and strangers, welcome to my blog. I’ll be sharing all sorts of things from personal thoughts and experiences to random, silly, and serious affairs. But first, a bit about me:

Who dat?

My name is Chrissy. I’m 24 years old and I come from a beautiful family of 7. I’ve got 2 nephews and 3 nieces, and am engaged to my best friend, Chris.

I work full-time in social media marketing and also do some other things on the side; namely event singing, radio voice-overs, and helping my dad with his part-time accounting work.

My hobbies include singing, listening to music, laughing, putting on accents, eating, photographing pretty things, organising stuff, being silly, occasionally overreacting, and watching endless amounts of videos.

Why “Little Miss Cricket”?

This is a combination of a few things. For starters, I’m a tiny person. The cricket thing… I’d like to say it’s a long story, but it all boils down to me making a supposed cricket noise all the time when I was much younger.

There’s also an obvious element of the Mr Men & Little Miss series which I loved growing up. Little Miss Sunshine was my favourite, so Little Miss Cricket kind of evolved from there.

Cricket was the “official” nickname growing up, but I always hated it. I’m not entirely sure why I chose this name for my blog…  I guess it grew on me. One of the only parts of me that grew. 👌

Why now?

We’re exactly half way through yet another year. I’m not the kind of person who writes a list of New Year’s Resolutions and pretends to try to stick to them, but I do try to improve on myself constantly. This year, I’ve been trying to stretch that out to as many aspects of my life as possible – my mental and physical health, my professional life, my creative side, and of course, my relationships.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for about 10 years now but there was always something holding me back. Over the past few months, I’ve been looking into it more seriously, and finally decided to just take the plunge (#yolo) and go for it. It’s not much for now, but it’ll do. 🙂

Want to know anything about me? Or maybe there’s something you’d like me to write about? Just contact me here and I’ll do my best!

Until next time,

Cricket x



  1. Cheers!!. It’s Rod here. Music is something that will uplift you when you are down. It will take you to heights only you can understand and feel.It is the Language of Love, understood by men of all nation’s.
    If you are into music You are already enjoying a piece of something called Heaven.


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