When looking at possible destinations for our honeymoon, Chris and I had one thing in mind: Paradise. And I’m so happy to say that we really hit the jackpot with our choice.

We were originally looking into places like Greece and Sardinia, but my sister-in-law suggested a place she knew of in the south west of Turkey; a beautiful resort called Hillside Beach Club.

From the moment we stepped foot into the resort (I lie – we were still in the taxi going through the very exclusive entrance), we knew we made the right decision by taking her advice. And there are quite a few reasons why, so I thought I’d sum them up. 🙂

The Views
There isn’t a single spot in the entire resort that doesn’t take your breath away. It’s unreal – the trees, the sea, the mountains in the distance, the entire setup of the resort; it’s all just stunning. There were moments when we’d just stop and stare, as though in disbelief,  and we couldn’t get enough of it all.

The Food
The fact that we each gained 4kgs within 10 days should speak for itself, really, but let’s put that aside for a second. The amount of food available was mind-blowing. Accommodation at the resort includes buffet breakfast, lunch & dinner, and every day there was something different. There were stations for all types of food imaginable, and it was impossible to not try it all.

(Again, I lie, we’re just pigs, but we didn’t even care. I actually threw up on the last day there cause of all the food I’d eaten. But don’t think that stopped me from having pancakes for breakfast anyway the next day.)

The Room
Based on the photos we’d seen prior to our trip, we already had high expectations of our bedroom – and not only were they met, but also exceeded. The balcony and views were glorious, the bed was incredibly comfy, they provide more things than you’d even imagine, and every day, the lovely housekeepers would leave a beautiful new arrangement (and sometimes even treats) on our bed. Upon our arrival, we even found a customised wedding stone which I thought was just the sweetest thing.

The Activities
This was another thing we were really looking forward to. There’s so much to do! We didn’t get to try everything (they weren’t all included in the price and we tried to stick to a budget) but we got to do plenty. We did fly-boarding, scuba diving, Chris did wind-surfing and wake-boarding, we went on a couple of boat trips, and we also had 2 different full body massages at both spas available. About half way through our holiday I also found out that there were free dance classes in different styles available, so I tried some of those out too. Oh, and I got a henna tattoo. 😀

Fun fact: Chris kicked ass at fly-boarding whereas I just plummeted into the water repeatedly, which is why I didn’t even consider trying wind-surfing or wake-boarding and stuck to dancing (it was free and I’m good at it) rather than paying money to embarrass myself. 🙃

The Entertainment
This was such a big part of the holiday to me. You all know how much I love music and theatre, and the entertainment crew were just fantastic. They put up different shows every night, and they also animate all the activities throughout the day too. They’re also the ones who give the dance classes so I got to know some of them better than others. We watched every single show, hung out with them at the night parties, and I danced a lot and made great friends. They are all wonderful people, and I’m so glad that we enjoyed them as much as we did. It was very hard to say goodbye to them by the end of it.

Side note: The show they put up on our first night there was a modern version of the musical Carmen, which so happens to be the musical that brought me and Chris into each other’s lives. I found it to be very special and meaningful and thought it was worth mentioning. 

The Service
Once again, we expected good service, but it exceeded our expectations. All the staff, from front desk to waiting crew to housekeeping, get to know all the guests and really take care of them. We had 2 lovely waiters who got used to us and kept the same table for us as much as possible. It was like being surrounded by friends. Housekeeping were also incredibly sweet and efficient. And whether you’re at reception, the spa, or the restaurant, the staff give out frozen scented towels to help you cool down and freshen up.

Refreshing Towels to Cool You Down

The term “Heaven on Earth” couldn’t be a more accurate description of Hillside Beach Club. 75% of their guests return at least once, and we’re definitely going to be a part of that. 😍

To anyone looking to book a relaxing, fun, exciting, and just overall incredible holiday – for anything from a honeymoon to a large family trip with kids – this is definitely the perfect destination!

There’s so much more I could say (and more photos I could add) about our holiday, the places we went, and the things we did, but I really did try to keep it short. I don’t think I did a very good job… but if you got to this part then it’s alright! 😀

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Until next time,

Cricket x



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