This weekend, our island was graced with a beautiful, powerful, and memorable evening that brought two of Malta’s best (and my two favourite) bands together in a show called One.

I’m a huge fan of both REK and The Travellers, so excitement ensued big-time when I found out they were joining forces on stage. And my God, what a show they put on.

One of the most beautiful things in this world is how music brings people together – people from different walks of life, who speak different languages, who have unique backgrounds, experiences, tastes, and lifestyles (and hair styles)… And on a small scale, this is what happened on stage last night. A group of Gozitans and a group of Maltesers (hehe) came together and blew the roof off Aria Complex. And the best thing wasn’t even the music itself, which was mind-blowingly good, but it was honestly seeing these incredible musicians coming together, vibing together, cheering each other on, and full on rocking out to each other’s songs!

We live in an age where everyone is in competition with the rest of the world; there’s a lot of separation and disconnection going on everywhere. So watching this happen on stage was truly beautiful and touching.

(Please excuse the crappy photos)

They mostly performed their original songs and witnessed about 3000 people in the audience chanting along, word for word, with their hands in the air and beaming smiles on their faces. What more could a musician ask for? I dream of experiencing that myself one day, but until then, I’m more than happy to be supporting these amazing musicians and other local artists with all my heart.

Speaking of other local musicians, the show actually kicked off with a half hour set from Brooke and Kevin Calleja respectively, and they really set the tone and started it off on a good note… (see what I did there?)

We have some really incredible talent on this small little island we call home. I love it.

Music has always been a very important and significant part of my life and I’ve experienced all sorts of emotions through it, and last night was another reminder of how powerful it is. I felt unexplainable joy throughout the concert that I don’t feel very often, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one there to feel that way.

Now of course, every silver lining comes with a dark cloud (that’s not a thing but you get what I mean)… I could have definitely done without the rough and uncomfortable shoving stampedes, the loud distracting conversations, tone deaf screaming in my ears, and cigarette smoke… But you can’t have everything in life, can you?

In spite of that, I was absolutely buzzing and I really really REALLY hope there will be more shows like this. So… Red Electrick, The Travellers… If you read this, please keep more of this amazing stuff coming. And a massive well done to you and all involved for coming up with and pulling off such a phenomenal show.

Until next time,

Cricket x


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