Last February, I underwent a surgery I’d been dreaming of doing for most of my life – I finally got a nose job. I hated my nose from a very young age and always wanted to get it fixed. At the age of 24, it finally happened. Although the process wasn’t particularly dreamy, it was still a dream come true.

Now, it turns out that there is little to no information about rhinoplasties and other corrective surgery in Malta, so I decided to document mine to help anyone who might be interested in doing one. In fact, it was during my recovery that I actually started up my blog – I bought the domain and got working on the design, and noted down my entire experience from the get-go.

I recently also sought the opinion of my Instagram peeps and many of them seemed keen on reading about it.


Before I get into any details about the whole rhinoplasty experience, here’s a bit of a back story:

Ever since I was about 10/11 years old, I felt that my nose was too big for my face. This was in addition to having terrible buck-teeth, acne, and hitting puberty (or getting hit by it) slightly earlier than a lot of my peers.

It also probably didn’t help that my best friends growing up had annoyingly perfect noses, teeth, and skin – I always felt hideous and ugly, especially when I’d compare myself to them and a lot of other people my age, which I sadly did constantly.

I got braces at age 12 and that was already a massive help for my ever-plummeting self-esteem. My skin still sucks but hey; you win some, you lose some. I take care of myself and do what I can. Also, makeup ftw. 👌

When it came to my nose, however, I tried so hard for years to just come to accept it, but clearly it wasn’t happening for me. Instead, when I realised that I was just a couple of years away from getting married, all I could think of was how I’ve hated almost every photo ever taken of me because of my nose, and I really don’t want to hate my wedding photos.

The fact is that I could never feel beautiful with the nose I had, and I was determined to do something about it. So after much consideration and research (which is insanely difficult to do on this island, by the way), I finally took the plunge and went for a consultation in February 2017. Fast forward a whole year: Valentine’s Day 2018 was my surgery day. Very romantic, I know.

But anyway… SO. MANY. EMOTIONS! I wrote it all down and took lots of progress photos and will be sharing it all in separate posts. I’ve got a day-by-day breakdown of the whole thing, but I’ve also summarised it in larger sections. Which would you rather read? Let me know, and be sure to stay tuned to my Facebook page, my Instagram account, and the blog itself for more updates!

Until next time,

Cricket x

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