Last September, Chris and I got engaged. *throws confetti* 🎉

We were never really fussed about having an engagement celebration, especially since most of my family live abroad, but when I found out that my siblings were coming to Malta this summer, we immediately got planning. We hoped we’d all be together, but unfortunately, sister #1 (from Dubai) couldn’t make it. At least 4 out of 5 of us were going to be here, which was far better than nothing.

The main thing we wanted to get out of celebrating our engagement was really for our families (particularly our siblings and their families) to meet at least once before the wedding, and also to get our engagement ring and watch blessed.

Last weekend, 10 months into the engagement, we threw a party. We didn’t go all out – in fact we kept it strictly for immediate family, and had a sweet and intimate little do at my parents’ house. They love hosting people and my mum’s great at making party food, plus there’s a lovely yard outside, so we thought it would be perfect to have it there.

We ordered a cake which caused a lot of unnecessary last-minute stress. It didn’t look anything like what I wanted so sister #3 (Spain), my mum and I had to get our heads and creative juices together to save the day. Some food colouring, fondant, pink ribbon, roses, and a love-bird salt and pepper shaker set later, we were finally happy with the result.

Our Engagement Cake
The final result. And Chris made us cut the birds apart 😦

Decorations were a big part of the set-up too… we had heart-shaped balloons, heart-shaped ‘diamond’ table confetti, cute romantic napkins (with hearts, because in case you can’t tell, I ❤ them), lots of beautiful lights and candles, and more balloons with our initials up on the back wall.

Everything went smoothly and the entire evening was just perfect. It was so wonderful to watch our family members meet and get along, and it means so much that they all came together to celebrate something special to us.

Next stop: Wedding! I can’t wait. 😍

Special thanks to Melissa, Stephen, and Mark for the lovely photos, Fr. Brendan for the blessing, my parents for the venue and food, and everyone else for your help, attendance, and lovely gifts. 😊

Until next time,

Cricket x


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