Travelling is one of those things that I love the idea of but rarely ever get to do, for a number of reasons. But last year, Chris and I went to Italy (Pisa & Firenze) and we both agree that it was the best holiday we’ve ever had. Not just together (was only our 2nd trip) but ever in our individual lives.

As I mentioned in the post about my family, my siblings all live in different countries so pretty much every time I travel (which already isn’t very often) it’s to visit one of them… not really your average holiday. I obviously enjoy it and really wish I could see them more often, but it’s nice to have a proper holiday every now and then.

The whole idea for this particular one came about when Chris’s favourite band, Jamiroquai, went on tour and I bought tickets for his birthday. There were quite a few firsts for both of us… his first time watching them live, my first time attending a live concert abroad, and both our first time visiting Pisa and Firenze.

I don’t know what exactly made this trip so special… It definitely wasn’t the smell of pee in the area our hotel was in, the insane heat from the heatwave, the costliness of food and drinks, or the aching in our legs and feet from all the walking (although what’s a holiday without that?).

Maybe it’s just that we were very relaxed and took things as they came. Maybe it’s cause we got to be tourists and do something different for once and get away from our usual routine. Or maybe it’s because it was our first real holiday together and we got to spend some lovely quality time with each other. Whatever it was, it was perfect.

Here are some of the highlights from our trip:

Our next holiday will be our honeymoon! We haven’t quite decided where we’re going yet, but I know that it will be perfect, and I can’t wait. 😀

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