Last weekend we celebrated Ben’s first birthday, and while we’d already had some fun with his Cake Smash, which is a relatively new concept, we’re suckers for a good local tradition – so we weren’t going to celebrate without doing a Quċċija!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this concept, a Quċċija (pronounced something like “ooch-chee-ya”) is a Maltese tradition where, on a child’s first birthday, a selection of items related to different occupations is set out and the child is encouraged to crawl towards this selection and pick an item, predicting what job/lifestyle they’ll have in the future. It’s a fun little tradition and I was really excited to set it up for him!

I personally picked an egg in my own Quċċija, which supposedly means that my life and home will be full (and so far they most certainly are). There’s a little fun fact for ya! But back to Ben’s…

I spent weeks putting together a list of items that we can use, to create a more “modern day” Quċċija to reflect the times we’re living in now (which are far more varied than they were back in the day!), and even though I forgot to include quite a few of those items because I left it till the last minute to actually prepare them #typical (including the beloved egg!), I thought it would be cool to share this list with you for anyone who might be planning their own little one’s very special first birthday celebration!

So here you go:

  • Spatula / whisk / wooden spoon > Chef / Baker
  • Hard-boiled egg > Full home & life
  • Dance shoes > Dancer
  • Microphone > Actor / Singer / Comedian
  • Notepad > Writer
  • Headphones > DJ
  • Musical instrument > Musician
  • Paintbrush > Artist
  • Yarn / wool > Fashion
  • Camera > Photographer
  • Gaming console > iGaming
  • Ball > Sports
  • Computer mouse > IT / Computer job
  • Hairbrush > Hairdresser
  • Thermometer / stethoscope > Doctor
  • Toothbrush > Dentist
  • Animal plushie > Vet
  • Pen > Lawyer / Notary
  • Magnifying lens > Detective / Scientist
  • Compass / map > Pilot / Captain
  • Screwdriver > Engineer
  • Spanner > Plumber / Electrician
  • Hammer / measuring tape > Builder / craftsperson
  • Calculator > Accountant
  • Bank Card > Banker
  • Money > Business person
  • Rosary bead > Priest / Nun
  • Coffee cup > Barista / Waiter

I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, and some of these items may be interpreted completely differently – but there’s no rule! Just have fun with it 🙂

And in case you’re wondering what Ben picked… he first reached for his guitar but I got excited and cheered so loudly I scared him, so we did it again and he picked a notebook. Who knows, maybe he’ll be a songwriter. ❤

Be sure to share any other ideas with me so that I can include them in this list! And let me know what your little ones pick during their own Quċċija!

Until next time,

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