One of the most anticipated and researched things throughout pregnancy is “what to pack in your hospital bags” – and for someone who’s as much of a perfectionist and organisation freak as I am, you can imagine that I’ve had about as much fun with it as I have stressed about it. 🙃

From all the cute newborn essentials to the super not-sexy maternity pads and disposable pants to finding the perfect Going Home outfit and all the other bits and bobs in between, as first time parents, preparing and packing for the birth of your baby and everything that follows can be beyond overwhelming. One day it feels like it’s still too early to be buying baby things – then all of a sudden you’re in week 28 and everywhere you look, you’re told that you should have everything packed and ready to go! Madness.

The drawback of being such a perfectionist with these things is that rather than just getting it done, I wanted everything to be perfect (and also wanted to film the video that I kept delaying because I wanted it to be perfect too lol), which meant that when I had an unplanned trip to the hospital at 34 weeks, I had to pack in a bit of a rush. Thankfully I’d been preparing everything bit by bit for several weeks so I had all the contents readily organised, cleaned, and folded, so it was really a pack-and-go sort of thing and I was done within an hour.

Having had a ‘test run’ in hospital allowed me to realise what was extra, and more importantly, what I wouldn’t have thought of that I’d actually need (as well as things that I accidentally forgot to take, like my toothpaste and maternity pillow!).

After having gone through my bags a few more times since, I’ve finally put up a Youtube Video where I go through everything that’s in them and how I’ve gone about organising them. I’ve got a mummy bag, a baby bag, a food/snack/drinks bag, and we’ll also be packing some essentials for Chris to ensure that he’s comfortable too. Some may say I’ve overdone it (I probably have haha) but then again that’s just me and I’d always rather be overprepared rather than under.

When putting all my items together, I actually used 4 different locally provided lists (the one from hospital and 3 from different baby shops) along with some foreign ones that I found online for reference, and so I thought I’d create my own personal list just in case any of you guys would like to use it as reference yourselves! You can check it out further down below. 🙂

As a quick side note, my bags are packed for a planned C-section (so essentially a 3-day stay) at Mater Dei since my baby is breech. When I posted my 36 week update video, I didn’t mention that Baby Boy had turned breech in the hope that he would turn back again. At my 37 week checkup, he hadn’t turned and that’s when we scheduled the C-section; and thus my lifelong dream of a natural birth went out the window. I was pretty distraught initially but I’ve dealt with it pretty well and am now super excited to meet our son. At the end of the day, whichever way he comes out, I know that what matters most is that both he and I are healthy. ❤️ But more on this in another post/video that I’ll share a few weeks from now. (Be sure to stay tuned for that!) 😀

Back to the list.

It’s worth mentioning that I’ve created it with the below in mind:
– Baby being born in May
– Birth via C-section (give or take 3 days in hospital)
– Planning to breastfeed

I may or may not have forgotten some things – if I did, please let me know and I’ll be sure to add them and update it! 😀

I hope someone out there finds this useful! Please be sure to share it with any expecting parents here in Malta especially, and don’t forget to watch my YouTube video too where I go into more detail and show you all the items I’ve got. 🙂

By the time I post next, I’ll have our little boy in my hands, so keep a lookout on my Instagram and Facebook pages for photos and updates. I can’t wait for this new journey of motherhood to begin. 🥰

Until next time,

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